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Senior Clojure Developer

Remote  /  Full time


We are all born with an intrinsic will to direct our own life. By allowing one another the autonomy to play our part to the best of our abilities, we achieve more together. We earn this freedom by being self-leaders, always taking responsibility for our actions and standing by our word. We respect each other’s time and effort and are proud to be accountable for our choices.


The essence of a human life is growing and evolving. We never compromise learning for results, but find the way they travel hand-in-hand. We stay open to the fact that we can be wrong and embrace the pain of learning through our challenges. We know that we find flow when we focus on what’s important, have the grit to stay with it and allow creativity to find us new ways forward.


We all have different things that are important to us and that’s great. Respecting another is acknowledging and allowing the other’s individual drives and motivations. At the same time, we know that we are here to participate in a purpose that is bigger than any of us and that we have to find our own purpose within it.

We know first-hand that when there is alignment between my purpose and our purpose, magic happens


🌴   25 days PTO

Take paid time off. All of it. Or else…

Just kidding, but not really.
💚   Take your time

Outside of PTO, take unlimited time off as you need it - between product cycles or just because.

🥳   Work that fits your life

We trust you with the autonomy to plan your own work hours in order to best fit your life.

👌   Don't over-work

We know that more hours don't equal more output in the long-run. Instead we focus on finding flow in this startup marathon.

40 hours per week. Not more.
💪   Remote-first

Work fully remote from Seoul to Buenos Aires, with a paid-for co-working desk and/or home office equipment as needed.

Seriously. We've had team members in both.
🌴  Join the ride

Everyone in our team participate in our yearly options programs.

No fuss, no asking, just done.